Activities available in the area

Utsikt i höga kusten

The High Coast

Welcome to the dramatic High Coast with the world’s highest coastline. We are home to one of the most beautiful World Heritage Sites that is just made for adventure. Come and enjoy the spectacular views, hiking trails, fishing waters and all the activities on offer. Don’t miss Skuleskogen National Park with its towering mountains, ancient forests and beautiful coastlines. This is a landscape that is not found anywhere else in Sweden, or the world. The national park has a wide range of hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels.

Löpare kring hörnsjön

Lake Hörnsjön Nature Reserve

The Lake Hörnsjön Nature Reserve is found just a short walk from the hotel. It is a beautiful forested area and a great place for outdoor activities. Challenge yourself and explore the various hiking trails or take an evening walk along the floodlit three-kilometre trail. The area is used by all kinds of people, from those who like a quiet walk to true adventurers who want to challenge themselves to exciting cross-country biking. There is also an outdoor gym in the area where you can lift logs and complete a range of exercises using your bodyweight as resistance.

forsen på paradisbadet


One of Sweden’s best adventure pools is found in the middle of Örnsköldsvik. Paradiset is loved by people of all ages and there is something here for everyone. In the tropical adventure area there are several water slides, waterfalls, bubble pools and an outdoor pool with a current you can swim against. Right next to it is a 25-metre swimming pool with a spectator’s stand. There is also a smaller pool for children and a pool for water aerobics. Don’t miss the much talked about spa area. A place for relaxing, charging the batteries and eating well.

gula leden i örnsköldsvik

The Yellow Trail

Åsberget is a stone’s throw from Örnsköldsvik. It is a mountain with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, the city and the sea. It is also home to the six-kilometre Yellow Trail that goes through a landscape created by the most recent ice age. It is undulating and includes forested sections, cobble fields and smooth coastal rocks. Don’t miss the wind shelter A-Maze-Thing; a unique shelter that was built as part of the Arknat architecture festival.

gullviks havsbad

Beach life

There are several excellent swimming beaches in the area surrounding Örnsköldsvik, including wide beaches with toilets and cafes to small tiny beaches you can have all to yourself. Gullviks beach and Nyängets beach are just a short drive from the hotel. These two beaches are popular for good reason and have services available.

Galleria örnsköldsvik


Hotell Veckefjärden is only four minutes by car from downtown Örnsköldsvik with all the city has to offer in the form of shopping and high-class restaurants. You will find both large chain stores as well as unique small boutiques in the city.


“Close to nature, the High Coast, the city of Örnsköldsvik and its restaurants and shopping, not to mention the golf course.”